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Galaxy Note 4 – Have a quick look at the specification of this stunning smartphone

Samsung is one of the biggest manufacturing company that is very well-known for offering smart phones in various categories. Starting from the lowest range like galaxy Ace to high range phones like galaxy S5. The latest addition added by Samsung is Galaxy Note 4. It has many features added in it as mentioned. The Galaxy Note 4 brings in a new stylish and sleek Galaxy design. Take pleasure in the speculate of a finest metal frame and fluid curve with Galaxy's hereditary 2.5D glass display and soft touched back cover for unbelievable soothe that makes it simple to manage with one hand. The phone is more than gorgeous. It gives a better grip and improved durability. If we compare with Apple flagship iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, I found Galaxy Note 4 is better. Only the latest generation of iPhone, ie. iPhone 7 could be the competitor of Galaxy Note 4. According to the rumours at various tech blogs, iPhone 8 release date can be sometime in September 2017.

Coming back to Samsung Galaxy Note 4, below are some key features of this stunning smartphone.

Premium screen: The screen provided with note 4 is crystal clear beyond limits of the human eye. It comes with screen size of 5.7 inches; the precise color saturation and high contrast quad HD super AMOLED display that drive people to feel the fluent and vivid color as if people are looking with the naked eye.

Camera: Clear and Bright images with Advanced Camera. No doubts in the shady the camera of notes 4 still captures the finest moments. Capture clearer and brighter pictures using Front and Rear camera. 16MP Smart OIS back camera and 3.7MP front-facing F1.9 lens cameras gives people the finest outcomes for each moment of the people life even in dark situations.

Smart Select Freely: It helps people to select any content and text on any screen with the assistance of S pen. People can simply choose the contents they desire from any screen, text and applications. Put collectively what you select and save and share at once.

Photo Note: A new method to take notes for making your notes. Take pictures with photo note and immediately change digital from analog. People can change colors, edit notes and put in extra memos with S Pen simply.

Advanced S Pen: Improved touch & S Pen gives an enhanced digital writing familiarity throughout improved pressure sensitivity. Improve your writing through additional accurate appearance.

Free Flowing and Natural multitasking: Gain flexibility, Multi-window by handling numerous applications at one time on a solo screen by use of easy gestures.

Fast charging, high capacity: Less recharge time and lengthened utilizations; thanks to charging speed development, waiting time for charging of Galaxy Note 4 is reduced considerably. Go from zero to fifty percent in almost 30 minutes that normally take 55 minute procedure. All people have to do is plug-in and get ready after taking a soothing shower. If you are running beyond your time, utilize Ultra Power Saving method.

The new Galaxy Note 4 also comes with various additional accessories like Montblanc e-StarWalker Pen, Montblanc Pix, Montblanc Meisterstuck Soft Grain leather cover and Montblanc Extreme leather cover. Samsung mobiles the global leader in mobile technology and Montblanc, the symbol of the art of writing, are pleased to declare the initiate of a new line of leather covers and writing instruments  perfecting the writing knowledge of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and eventually inflowing fine writing in the digital world.


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