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3 Android apps to Watch live TV and stream videos for Free

Have you every thought about watching your favorite show or the movies on your smartphone? Are you traveling long distance through a car that will take hours to reach destination? Are you waiting for the flight at the airport?

If you are caught in such kind of situation and getting bored, there is a solution to keep yourself entertained while you waiting for the flights or sitting in a car for hours to reach the destination. Here in this post, I'll share three important entertainment apps which you can download on your smartphone or the tablet and watch live TV channels, Shows, News Channels, Stream videos and listen to podcast.

These kind of app will not only keep you entertaining but you can watch live News on your smartphone to know what is happening in different part of the world. These apps require internet connection on your smartphone or the tablet to stream videos.

It is always a good idea to get unlimited data plan activated on your smartphone if you are watching videos …