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3 Android apps to Watch live TV and stream videos for Free

Have you every thought about watching your favorite show or the movies on your smartphone? Are you traveling long distance through a car that will take hours to reach destination? Are you waiting for the flight at the airport?

If you are caught in such kind of situation and getting bored, there is a solution to keep yourself entertained while you waiting for the flights or sitting in a car for hours to reach the destination. Here in this post, I'll share three important entertainment apps which you can download on your smartphone or the tablet and watch live TV channels, Shows, News Channels, Stream videos and listen to podcast.

These kind of app will not only keep you entertaining but you can watch live News on your smartphone to know what is happening in different part of the world. These apps require internet connection on your smartphone or the tablet to stream videos.

It is always a good idea to get unlimited data plan activated on your smartphone if you are watching videos on the internet. The video stream apps or watching video content on the internet consumes lots of internet bandwidth that may result in huge internet charges. So go for unlimited internet to be on a safer side.

Let's get started with three apps that I am suppose to discuss in this article.


The first android app in the list of three live streaming apps is Mobdro app. The app is so cool that if you have it installed on your android smartphone or the tablet, you can never get bored. Mobdro is an online TV and video streaming app which is available for FREE. The app brings you the latest videos, TV shows, movies, live news/sport channels, podcast on your smartphone.

The best part of MOBDRO app is its available for FREE and continuously searches internet for the fresh content. There is a premium version of Mobdro app that has a few added advantage. One being, if you are annoyed by in-app ads, you can get rid of these in premium version. Second benefit of premium version is, you can save the movies or TV shows on your smartphone and watch it later. The third benefit is, premium version has support for chromecast. So you can watch movies, tv shows on bigger screen.

MOBDRO app is available for Android devices but there is lots of tutorial available on the internet to get mobdro for iPhone, Laptop, PC etc. There is lots of categories you can chose content from. Such as...
  • Movies,
  • TV Shows
  • News Channels
  • Sport Channels
  • Cartoon Channels
  • Tech Channels
  • Podcast ad much more


The other great app in my list of three Android entertainment app is ShowBox. Showbox app is pretty much similar to mobdro and you can watch latest movies, tv shows once you install it on your smartphone. Showbox app is available for various platform including iOS that mobdro app don't.

Showbox app allows you to watch HD videos FREE of cost and I'm sure if you have access to HD movies, you will never get bored. All the content on ShowBox is completely free to watch and you need to pay even a single penny.

Downloading Showbox app is pretty simple and anyone without much technical knowledge can do that. All you have to do is to go to their official website and download APK file and tap to install it. 

With the help of Android emulator, you can install ShowBox on computer as well. There are lots of good android emulator available on the internet but one I'd recommend is BlueStack 2 ! Its free to download and easy to install.

Cinema Box

The third app in my list of top three entertainment movie app is Cinema Box. This is yet another great app that has lots of content to watch free of cost. Just like mobdro app, the Cinemabox app keeps on searching on the internet to collect latest material and make it available for you to watch.

Cinemabox is complete free to download and you need to pay to watch content either. There is no premium version of Cinemabox app and you will have to cope with in-app ads. 

CinemaBox has support for ChromeCast to watch movies on bigger screen. Also it support Apple TV if you like watching stuff on bigger screen. The best part of Cinemabox app is you can restrict content that you don't want your kids to watch.


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